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Thank you much for your Success Stories. You have chosen exceptional men of all stripes. 

Harvey Underdahl


Open this book and light on any of the stories in it and you’ll find engaging voices; men’s men eager to speak of their lives, their values, and their ability make good. These stories are invaluable. Not only should we give them to every developing young man that we know, we should recommend this book to all. In an age when we are used to hearing young and old men alike whining publicly, there is none of that here. These stories reflect men taking responsibility for their actions and are told with perfect pitch. In addition, the group of essays making up the second part of the book, complete the thoughts about the successes in the lives of these men. Reginald Grant presents refreshingly new thinking on subjects from education to social movements. This book is a necessary read.

 Lou Di Giacomo


Hearty congratulations, Reggie Grant, on the compilation of an impressive and fascinating collection of brief accounts of the journeys of a number of African-American males.
In reading these autobiographies, Part I, I found a number of positive, Faith-based themes that surfaced again and again, including:
• Believing in your own-self worth
• Setting goals and working relentlessly toward realizing them
• Remaining open to new opportunities
• Reaching back to mentor others

Each contributing author, in their own way, decided to, in the words of Mark Campbell, “…choose to become a person of value…”
Part II, Reaching and Teaching African-American Males should be developed into a course and perhaps a separate curriculum area for all teachers.

R Baddy

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