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The Boston College Experience

2019 Sports Management Institute

Instructor: Reginald Grant, MS Ed.

Guest Speakers
Video Guest

Dan Lebowitz

Executive Director

Center for the Study of Sport in Society at Northeastern University

Nancy Shone 2.png

Nancy Shone

CEO, Pingster

David March 2.png

David Marsh

CEO, Spiked Performance

Richard Yeargin iii.png

Richard Yeargin,III

2x National Champion Clemson University, current

Boston College Student-athlete

Kensha Grandoit 1.jpg

Kensha Grandoit

Boston Red Sox, fellows program

Craig Brown.jpg

Craig Brown

CEO, Maximizing Performance 

 Silver medalist in Taekwondo at the 2014 Central American and Caribbean Games

Charles Thompson faded.jpg

Charles Thompson

Rose Bowl Stadium

chad jones.png

Chad Jones

NFL Concussion


tyrone tate  3.jpg

Tyrone Tate

NBA Agent


Henry C Mulzac III.png

Henry C. Mulzac III

NBA Agent


Charlie Kruse

CEO, Inspire.World

Jacke Jones.png

Jackie Jones

Ronald Jones,NFL


Kathy Shirley.png

Kathy Shirley



Demetrius Grant.png

Demetrius Grant


Mariners, MLB

Bianca Myrie.png

Bianca Myrie

CEO, Revelation Gaming

Anthony Scalingi.png

Anthony Scaling

NFL Agent

Kerner Smith.png

Kerner Smith


Founders & Players

2019 Students

Brock Daylor

Brock Daylor.jpg

 Eden Prairie, MN or New York, NY

I am currently interested in pursuing internships in the industry of sports, specifically sports marketing,  player representation, or the legal side of sports.

Seeking internship opportunity in Minnesota or New York.

LinkedIn Profile

Grace Lytle

Grace Lytle.jpg

San Diego, CA, USA


I hope to pursue an internship and career in either the sports management or sports analytics industry.


Linkedin -

Rebecca Chartrand

Rebecca Chartrand.png
  • Montreal, Canada Area

  • Student at Lower Canada College

I am seeking internship or job opportunities in various businesses specifically the sports sector. 

LinkedIn Profile

Vitor Dos Anjos

Vitor Dos Anjos.png

Osasco, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Student at Colégio Anglo Leonardo da Vinci

I am Vitor Dos Anjos, a senior student in High School, from Sao Paulo, Brazil and I am interested in working in the sports industry.

LinkedIn Profile

Colin Breen 

colin breen.jpg

Lexington, MA (Greater Boston Area)

A dedicated student interested in pursuing opportunities in sports management and analytics 

LinkedIn Profile

Dan Qiao


Suzhou, Jiangsu province, China.

High School student is interested in the Sports Industry. I am glad to work anyplace in Jiangsu province. 

My LinkedIn profile link:

Gonzalo Fernández De Cordova

Gonzalo Fernandez de Cordova.png

Student at British Council School, Great interest towards Football

  • Madrid Are, Spain

LinkedIn Profile

Christopher Hamdan

Christopher Hamdan.png

Student at Eastside Catholic School, Greater Seattle Area

Interested in sports management and statistics.

LinkedIn Profile

Carson Hamilton

Carson Hamilton.jpg

San Juan Puerto Rico United States of America

I am interested in pursuing internships in the sports field in the management, psychologist, coach, broadcasting, or scout.

LinkedIn Profile

Ryan Eysie

Ryan Eysie.jpg

Dover, MA, USA


I intend to work in the sports management business and my interests consist of sports psychology and having a role within the front office of a professional team.

Tad Schaefer

Tad 2.jpeg

Sammamish, WA

I have a strong interested in sports management, sports writing, sports marketing, and sports broadcasting, however, I am interested in all parts of sports business. 

LinkedIn Profile

Spencer Bernard

Spencer Bernard.jpg

Boston, Massachusetts

I am a rising senior from outside of Boston interested in sports marketing and player representation.

LinkedIn Profile

Kevin Way

Kevin Way.jpg

Basking Ridge, New Jersey

Before coming to this program I thought my interest was in sports broadcasting or sports media, but after learning all about the business of sports in the past few weeks, I could see myself doing anything related to sports.

Ryan Selig

Ryan Selig.jpg

McLean, VA, USA

I am a high school student at the Potomac School who is Interested in internship opportunities in the DC area related to the fields of Business, Marketing, and Sports Management.

LinkedIn Profile

Justin Zhang

Justin Zhang.png

Shanghai, China

 I love sports, especially basketball, soccer, and tennis. I also like economics and business.

LinkedIn Profile

Michael Rossi

Michael Rossi 2.png

Los Angeles, California

I am a high school student in Los Angeles, California looking for an internship in the sports arena. Long term goals are to become a general manager for a sports organization.

John Sebastian Reardon


High School Student

Boston, MA

Ana Rizo Arguello

Ana Rizo Arguello.jpg

Managua, Nicaragua

Student at the American Nicaraguan School 


I am a Junior in high school  from Nicaragua interested in an internship in the sports industry. 

LinkedIn Profile

Felipe Valios

Felipe Valois.jpg

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

German School Corcovado student and interested in sports management.

Linked Profile

Great Group BCE 2019

Reggie Grant New York Jets NFL.png

Contact Reginald Grant for a workshop, seminar or class on Sports Management at your University, College or High School.

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